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Welcome to our video section where I provide short dialogue on your important questions. Stay a while and leave questions on our contact page for me to respond to in the future. All of our videos are viewable on our Instagram so check it out!

In this weeks video we talk about a question I get quite often. Where and how do I begin my personal finance journey. Check the video out on our Instagram for more information @therichcollegestudent

I talk about who needs a financial advisor and the pros and cons associated with them. Find our video @therichcollegestudent on Instagram.

On our Instagram I talk all about what credit card is right for you in your stage of life. I also compare the available credit cards at different banks. Find our video @therichcollegestudent

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Why Invest?

Putting away lump sums of money every year or having payments come out of your account every month can seem pointless at times especially when you want to be spending that money. It can be difficult to stay motivated and on track with your goals when you see your friends and family living extravagant lifestyles.…

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Investing in Yourself

Investing in yourself is one of the investments less spoken about. When we speak about investing we typically talk about financial goals in the distant future or putting away money to live a certain lifestyle in retirement. Investing in yourself without any financial input can be done by investing your time, hard work, or other…

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Financial Mistakes in University

It was surprising for me to find out that I haven’t written a blog directed at the mistakes college students make given the title of my blog, but here we are. There are a number of personal finance mistakes that students make in college that can set them up for a poor start to their…

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