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Welcome to our video section where I provide short dialogue on your important questions. Stay a while and leave questions on our contact page for me to respond to in the future. All of our videos are viewable on our Instagram so check it out!

In this weeks video we talk about a question I get quite often. Where and how do I begin my personal finance journey. Check the video out on our Instagram for more information @therichcollegestudent

I talk about who needs a financial advisor and the pros and cons associated with them. Find our video @therichcollegestudent on Instagram.

On our Instagram I talk all about what credit card is right for you in your stage of life. I also compare the available credit cards at different banks. Find our video @therichcollegestudent

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Credit Scores, Credit Reports, Credit…

Your Credit Score is so, so, so important. The fact that we are not taught about it in high school is kind of absurd. Your credit score is a three digit number that shows how well you manage your credit and lenders use this number to determine whether or not they will lend you money.…

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Habits of a Good Investor

Developing good habits takes time but they are an important part of investing. Due to how long it can take it is important that you start early and remain consistent. When it comes to investing we are talking about the funds you eventually hope to retire with so it is even more essential to remain…

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This week I decided to write about bonds due to how common the term may be in investing conversations. Whether in a discussion with your financial advisor or at the dinner table you have probably heard of a bond. Similar to stocks or mutual fund a bond is another form of investment that can be…

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