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  • FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early)
    FIRE FIRE or Financial Independence Retire Early is a movement that has gained a lot of traction in recent years. The movement is focused on people achieving financial independence prior to the typical age of 65. Many people dismiss the movement due to the amount of work and dedication required […]
  • Holiday Debt
    The holiday season can be a time filled with joy and happiness as families come together. Regardless of what holiday you celebrate during December and January people tend to exchange gifts and companies look forward to this season to make the majority of their income for the year. As a […]
  • ARK Invest
    ARK Invest is an asset management company synonymous with some of the world’s largest Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). Founded in 2014 by Cathie Wood ARK Invest has seen both the extreme highs (150% return in 2020) and extreme lows of asset management (15-month low currently) in its short existence. The […]
  • Credit Scores, Credit Reports, Credit…
    Your Credit Score is so, so, so important. The fact that we are not taught about it in high school is kind of absurd. Your credit score is a three digit number that shows how well you manage your credit and lenders use this number to determine whether or not […]
  • Habits of a Good Investor
    Developing good habits takes time but they are an important part of investing. Due to how long it can take it is important that you start early and remain consistent. When it comes to investing we are talking about the funds you eventually hope to retire with so it is […]
  • Bonds
    This week I decided to write about bonds due to how common the term may be in investing conversations. Whether in a discussion with your financial advisor or at the dinner table you have probably heard of a bond. Similar to stocks or mutual fund a bond is another form […]
  • Why Invest?
    Putting away lump sums of money every year or having payments come out of your account every month can seem pointless at times especially when you want to be spending that money. It can be difficult to stay motivated and on track with your goals when you see your friends […]
  • Investing in Yourself
    Investing in yourself is one of the investments less spoken about. When we speak about investing we typically talk about financial goals in the distant future or putting away money to live a certain lifestyle in retirement. Investing in yourself without any financial input can be done by investing your […]
  • Financial Mistakes in University
    It was surprising for me to find out that I haven’t written a blog directed at the mistakes college students make given the title of my blog, but here we are. There are a number of personal finance mistakes that students make in college that can set them up for […]
  • Is Buying a Home a Good or Bad Investment?
    In today’s society it seems like everyone is trying to complete a checklist of goals. Along with completing University and getting married one of the main items they want to check off that list is buying a home. The reality is buying a home may not be the correct decision […]
  • Investing Mistakes
    There are quite a few mistakes that investors can make when beginning their investing career. In this weeks blog I will be discussing 4 of the major mistakes that I have witnessed occur to others and some that I have also fallen victim to. It is important to keep in […]
  • What is Dollar Cost Averaging?
    Dollar cost averaging involves investing a dollar amount on a regular basis no matter the state of the market. DCA allows the investor to separate investing from their emotions. Investors can avoid their psychological bias and stay away from the fear and greed that comes with investing. In this method […]
  • What is an EFT?
    An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a type of security that tracks an index, sector, commodity, or other asset but is traded on a stock exchange. An ETF is similar to a mutual fund but trades like a stock and is not typically actively managed. ETFs can be a great […]
  • Investment Accounts
    Last week I discussed the different types of investments that a person can make (Types of Investments). This week I will be discussing some of the different accounts you can open. We have spoken previously about the importance of having multiple accounts. Having multiple accounts can help create friction when […]
  • Types of Investments
    Investing is an essential part of a person’s finances. Investing comes in many different forms, but it is done with the expectation of achieving a profit from an initial purchase. Typically we associate investing with the purchase of stocks or these days cryptocurrency. Investing can include but is not limited […]
  • A Money Diet
    Fixing your money mindset is much like a diet. The definition of a diet is the restriction of oneself to special kinds of food in order to lose weight. We have all tried a diet at some point, whether it be something as little as I’m going to stop drinking […]
  • What is Cryptocurrency?
    A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency. Cryptocurrency is backed by cryptography which makes it nearly impossible to counterfeit or double-spend. The original cryptocurrency is said to be Bitcoin which originated in 2009. Since 2009 Bitcoin has risen to recent highs of $70,000 CAD. With the recent stimulus packages […]
  • Personal Finance Books
    The RCS blog was inspired by some of the books I have read. My personal finance journey has just begun but these books have been instrumental in starting it. They provide important information and different perspectives on how our money should be used. There is no one way to spend […]
  • Can I Afford It?
    There is a big difference between having the money to buy something and being able to afford it. In most cases just because we have the funds to be able to purchase something it doesn’t mean we should buy it. When we are young our pay cheque enters our account […]
  • Greed and Money Mindset
    Personal finance is all about our money mindset. It doesn’t matter how much you are told about money we have to put our knowledge into practice. It doesn’t matter how much you make, the principals of personal finance can still be applied. You can make $30,000 a year and  you […]
  • Maintaining Motivation
    Maintaining motivation can be difficult when sticking to a tight budget. You may feel the need to waiver and splurge. That small lapse in concentration can result in the loss of months and years of hard work. Temptation always finds a way to creep in whether we are trying to […]
  • Giving
    Giving is the single best thing you can do with your money. Once you have achieved your goal of financial stability or you are comfortable in your current position you should reach out to those in need. For many of us if we were given $100 it wouldn’t change our […]
  • Increasing Your Capital
    In society, we are given suggestions about how we can save and budget for our future. The popular consensus is that we should cut back on our current expenditure and relocate our money from one area to another. The issue is we can only cut back so much before our […]
  • Investing 101
    The best time for you to invest is yesterday but the second best time for you to invest is today. If you are 20 it would have been better to get into investing at 18. 20 is still a lot better than 25. 25 is a lot better than 30. […]
  • The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards
    Credit cards can either be a good decision or the WORST decision you have ever made in your life. If you were to search “Things to do when you turn 18” credit cards rank highly amongst the top 10 but the dangers and benefits of a credit card are severely […]
  • Telling Your Money Where to Go
    Budgeting makes it possible for you the have enough money to do things you want. By preparing a proper budget you can set money aside for every paycheque for your big-ticket purchases. As college students we have a lot to worry about from maintaining our grades to applying to different […]
  • Start Saving Today
    Saving is the most difficult thing to do for a college student. We are constantly faced with peer pressure and societal expectations to spend money. We always have a fear of missing out (FOMO) and feel that we need to spend money in order to keep up with our friends […]
  • Purpose
    Money has always been a difficult conversation for people to have. We are taught from a very young age that it is impolite to ask about how much people make and how much something costs. We have been told time and time again that we should not ask people these […]

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