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Brandon Miranjie

My name is Brandon Miranjie. I immigrated to Canada with my family when I was two years old from Guyana. I attend the University of Western Ontario and have a passion for everything money. Ever since I was young I loved the idea of buying, saving, and investing. Contrary to what the title of my blog may suggest I am not rich and actually far from it. The title of my blog was inspired by the idea that “all college students are broke”, a lot of times students complain about being broke with no plan on how to improve their situation. If we were to identify key elements in the way college students spend money maybe we can change that narrative. I wanted to start a blog to be able to document some of my ideas while providing insight into the financial world that revolves around us. I am NOT a CFP, CPA, or any type of an accredited business professional. For this reason, none of your decisions should be based solely on the information I provide rather I hope to start a conversation on the potential for you to achieve with your money.

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