Giving is the single best thing you can do with your money. Once you have achieved your goal of financial stability or you are comfortable in your current position you should reach out to those in need. For many of us if we were given $100 it wouldn’t change our life. Maybe we would go out for dinner, buy a new shirt or put it towards debt but at the end of the day, it doesn’t change your quality of living. 

For many other people, $100 dramatically changes their quality of living. This can be the difference between a child having a birthday or not, getting the proper food, education, or health care. You cannot put a value on the effect of a child receiving a book or being able to go to school with the right tools. The value stretches much further than the investment to get those materials but so many families are unable to afford them. 

Giving doesn’t have to be monetary either. Maybe you have some old clothes lying around or books you haven’t read in years. People are always in need of something and I can guarantee you can help out in some way. Giving back helps people provide a purpose that can be lost when getting caught up in our day-to-day lives. We can begin to complain about our very small issues and lose the sense of the global picture and the problems that are much bigger than us. We can get back in touch with similar things within our lives by attempting to understand the struggles that other people are growing through and attempting to help them.

One project I have had to pleasure of being a part of is the JTM Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to provide support for and conduct charitable work in Guyana, South America that aids educational advancement and relief of poverty. I have always seen the importance in helping those in need and having the opportunity to provide not only educational help but also building a safe space for those in need to be comfortable. If you would like to be a part of the process of helping those in need you can check out the website

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